Granny Square on Spanish

An interesting variant of "grandmother's square" looks very different than the original version of the motif. Under the video you will find the options for color reasons related decisions in this way.
 All lessons on knitting crochet patterns can be found in the category LAUNCHED in Spain by the noble princesses is being the fever all over the world, you can make several wonderful pieces because this esilo is very exotic, we can see how the colors radiate the whole stretch of the square, you unite as leave alone.
Can be used on pillows too, bedspreads, on top of benches, pillow cases, pan handle, and more. We know that it will not be difficult because this is a point for those who already know the basics of crochet. But through the videos that you will find here in this matter, it will be very easy to complete your beautiful project.
Grandma's squares will always be well-seen in the crochet world, even though it's easy to complete large blankets, or small ones for babies. I searched for our friends and readers the best models and possible colors that exists in the world despite having found in Russia videos by youtube can be configured in legend in any language just go to setup the side below the video on youtube and click on caption You choose which language you would like from the legend.
 ( simple )
 Some readers are already sending me the emails in thanks with several completed photos one more beautiful than the other. I hope to help everyone in every country. Thank you my friends, my readers, I will always be here bringing the news And what is most beautiful in crochet and tric. Now let's go to the projects..