crochet cupacakes

Who doesn't love a cupcake to brighten the day.. hard to be not agree? Imagine bringing these delights for our line of work or hobby, many of our readers have asked us this type of crochet because it would be a wonderful gift as decoration of rooms, kitchens, living rooms and even especially anniversaries parties.
I always liked the art of crochet, but never as a main activity, in fact the crochet has always been my hobby. And you know how the world (round!), goes around and around and the day came when I had to choose one of the many things that I used to be my main activity as work because I couldn't see as a way to make up an extrato help at home. I chose the crochet and I was very happy. And that's why I'm so fond of these cupcakes, they scored all around the crochet. Of course, I wasn't the first to make them,

The cupcake is so sweet, and despite the amount of detail, isn't it time consuming to do it. Furthermore, it doesn't take any sewing, for whom love is a lot of fun doing the Pan and the cake stay together during execution. I've seen many of these cupcakes for every occasion, including Christmas, at the tables of the relatives in 
A great request for these hot summer days is to crochet small objects, The super creative idea is of the artisan Vera Lucia Magnoni who says that she creates her products through internet searches on sites around the world, but the favorites are the Americans.

In the case of cupcakes and cakes they are usually sold to be given as birthday favors. Just as I said, they are great gifts for any occasion, being creative and perfect decorations.
My friends always asked me to look for something that talked about these wonderful works and researching on the sites I saw friends, that there is a great demand for the step by step of these sweets and I decided to help my readers ..

the birthday celebrations but never had the curiosity to understand the grace that I see them well here's a little of that experience. I hope you enjoy ...