Crochet doily patterns

The Spring Table Center, is one of the most beautiful that we have seen on the internet, of Brazilian creation it has been exported all over the world.
Its easy and practical model of doing has conquered the troughs of the whole world, being seen as the exuberant table path, used in any environment is a piece that draws the attention and the looks of who appreciates this work of art.

In the living room, kitchen, living room, it adapts everywhere you want ..
When I saw the first time I thought that I had not seen anything like this path in reality it was passion at first sight, I have seen several models but this was the one that pleased me the most, so I decided to post this marailhosa material for you, I hope you like it. That we do is with all love and affection.

We have received several requests and as it is, I am buying with the word to look for all the models for you ..
come on ???

                                   Credits: Rose Oliveira