Planned color pooling crochet

The result is fantastic - a technique that has been called planned pooling - is inspiring. Here you will find some models as well as the video exposing this wonderful technique - you can also make and appreciate this beauty. Really a passion for yarns and needles.
This technique makes us see with love and even better, with nice different transitions between colors, has patterns everywhere in the virtual world is really a point that has become mania for a long time but today is getting stronger Between the best troughs.
Through analysis, regularities can be found that are not easily apparent when just looking at the patterns.
Planned pool as I said is not news. In the past, women worked with their variegated yarn in various ways. As you can see in the pictures below, they are so intense that each model has its value each color has its joy. By manipulating the stitch count, you can arrange the colors on your yarn for some patterns. It's not always that we see pieces like that, is not it? Is that with this new technique everything becomes easier and more practical to be able to weave.
Then check out these magnificent pieces.