Crochet spike stitch

Let's see step by step to learn how to make the Stitch Spike, crochet, is an interesting point to learn and do it in garments, such as hats, scarves and especially in blankets to weave in different sizes, we explain Hoperful in A step by step video.
Point Stitch Spike That we would all like to do. I always see in many tutorials and many readers ask me for this point with graphics and videos so we search the best of the internet to make it easy for you.

This point takes us to a deep sweetness and delicacy the Stitch Spike is a versatile point, if you use creativity and your time, I am sure that wonderful pieces will be created let your imagination flow sit in a cozy place, calm so that Your mind be quiet to start perhaps one of the most beautiful projects you have ever done.
Do not waste time thinking it is not worth the patience because it is the key to who likes crochet. Many use as therapy even for healing the depression .. but let's what you expect ....
Ready ???

            Crédits: Hopeful Honey