Crochet potholder pattern

Hi, my dear, how are you? Today I bring a very special post. I want to share with you these tips for the children's room. When we go to decorate the rooms of the children soon comes the doubt has so many wonderful things stuffed animals, dolls, carts, toys of all styles and etc ... This step is simple, we see doubts, and when we choose crocheted carpets. We want something beautiful that matches every detail of the environment we create for our children. We want rugs that have a lot of charm and joy.
 So thinking about these details I chose this wonderful and cute model for you to love and make for the decoration of the most beautiful room that is yours.
A mother asked me to do this stuff because she always saw this photo on the internet and I never had a pattern I'm happy when I can fulfill the requests of my followers .. because for me it's a pleasure and I love what I do ..
I hope you like ... all moms like me a hug.