Crochet owl hat

Owl they are too beautiful this time, the standard is for you who loves these types of pets not only as animals but as decoration in clothes accessories carpets towels! Yes, I'm ridiculously excited about launching this new standard. Since they have launched the standard owl knit hat many lovely crocheteras have asked for a crochet version of this pattern. It took a lot of love.
He is so charming that I have seen several requests on them I saw in a magazine from southern australia that he was considered the key piece for the winter and especially for the end of the year (natal) for combining several looks.
For the friends who say that the effects of knitting do not match that of crochet here is proof that everything we do in crochet is as beautiful as knitting ... well, today this song is being the fever at the time of Christmas. This point can be used to finish a scarf, for a bag, etc. Your then there are no excuses for not doing this beautiful model, the owls can be placed in blankets and ends of scarves as I said let's go ......