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You know that collection of crocheted doilies that either you, your mother or your grandmother keep? They were known as washcloths coffee for the phone and were once over the entire surface of the house? In each picture frame in each of the giblets pot, vase and the like.

Anyway these towels ended up in the closet and should already be smelling closet, but we felt sorry to discard, right?

. Today is the completion of the salary of many, if not the only source of income. And it was once practiced by the "girls or housewives", now long beard making him his livelihood.

The crochet art is being used by famous worldwide brands. Yesterday, when passing through a mall, we saw some drives dresses (just do not think the price beautiful four-digit, but it is fair for the work) made by a designer known. I hope you enjoy this art.

                   The chain of 14 VP can closed in the ring.
                   1st row: 3VP and 27 S1N in the ring.
                   2nd row: * 4VP S1N, 1VP * S1N - only 13 columns, knitted in every loop in the 1st line.
                   At the end of the line get 3VP and pull a long cycle for knitting.

                    Making 14 CAP, introducing the chain by a white ring, closed the ring and knit 2 rows in                    the same way as the white wire.

               Then connect the last color pink tie with the first cycle of the 2nd row of white ringlet

             3rd row: EP last line in each mesh ringlet white S1N, and among them - 1VP, peak 3VP, 1VP.
At the end of the line and pull the handle knitting reservation.

return to ringlet arm, and like the color pink. knit similar to the 3rd row.

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