Recipe for crochet snail step by step

The snail is the essence of the mystery of life. As centers, it also, is, twitches and then descends and rises again in graceful curves.   Time twists around itself, bringing the echoes and vibrations while the living ways of the spiral pass close to each other. Life flows through winding roads, the beings are in certain points of your walks, intertwine, depart, leave, return to origins.   The starting point is also the arrival point of bringing us the question of return always to rediscover and renew ... "   If you do not like them in your garden, you will not want as a noble detail in your room or even for decorations. wonderful piece and you can also change the colors.   I hope you enjoy !!!!!!
The step by step written was translated from Russian to English. If you have any doubt please follow the video tutorial from youtube.

           Image and step by step: