Point crochet star

The star point is ideal for rugs, blankets or jobs that require a narrower point. It's quick to make and has the advantage of spending little line. It is made with high point (P.A) closed together.

1) Make corr. the desired width for your work.

2) Make 4 corr. to climb, make 2 per annum in the same place of corr. elongating a little loop to give the height and leave without closing (is 3 points on needle).

3) Skip 3 corr. and make 3 P.A as previously described (are now 6 points on needle). Close all together.

4) Make 4 race, 2 P.A in the same place without closing.; 3 P.A (without closing) in the same place for the last 3; skip 3 corr. and make 3 P.A (without closing). Note that were 9 points on the needle. Close all together. Repeat this step until the end of his career.

5) Restart as the 2nd and 3rd carr

Credits: Janet maries hope chest ,  Naztazia