Pink crochet towel

Who do not have a crochet at home? Or remember that crochet rug that was in the house of your mother or your grandmother? The crochet today may not be so present in the homes, as a few years ago. But that only made increasingly carpets or crochet string become even more sophisticated and a very charming decorative object.
  Today I bring the multicolored carpet, also a very interesting class because you can profit throughout the year with this model, easy cooking show step by step, with a video of our wonderful CRISTINA LURIKO ...
   Here crochet rug highlighting the combination of the colors white, pink, multicolored. This piece will give a special mention in neutral environments, bringing more joy and liveliness to the area.

The explanatory video is in Portuguese, but clicking on youtube configuration it has the option to put subtitles in English. I hope you like it ... :)

           credits: Artesã Cristina Luriko