How to knit a blanket baby

Knitting is an art we love. This is a technique to entangle the strands in a specific way so that a cloth is created with a unique texture and elasticity, thus differing from other tissues. This technique can be done manually, or even with machines that facilitate the work. Manual work is to interweave the strands using two needles, which, moreover, harbor the knitting fabric have woven. Some use it as a hobby, others as therapy and many use as a profession even though it is very difficult. Considering this difficulty to bring the Knitting as a profession we are posting more and more tips on the subject to help and encourage the most of our craftsmen friends. The point is to make your brain and body to engage in a simple and repetitive task. So you feel more calm and under control. And certainly the Knitting keeps your mind working, well away from bad thoughts, beyond the satisfaction of creating something that is a unique feeling and makes you very happy and proud of the work. And it does not serve only to people of the Golden Age, today men and women from different age groups are devoted to knitting. Not raise the flag label our craftsmen!

                                     Let the Gothic point and Barrado in point crochet secret.

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            Barred in point crochet secret

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