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This shawl with the pattern free is definitely one of my dearest "!

He is beautiful and very simple to be done following the graph with the pattern free.

You can do it online (as in this case) or wool. The final effect is wonderful in both cases.

The secret spot is an old acquaintance, my tip here are some little details.

First, the top career made in high points. This gives greater support to the piece, is fundamental.

Another tip that gives a special charm, is the finish on the sides, done with a "fringe" of flowers.

And, finally, the trick is how to do it from the largest to smallest (top to bottom!).

This is a chapter: due to my little (little lie ...) anxiety, often beginning the shawl at the bottom (the tip), and end up stopping before the size I had planned it hitting me the greatest willingness to see it finished.

The solution, then, is to start from the size that I want (above), and keeping, compulsorily, until the end.

The problem is that in the time to make this shawl, I couldn't find a chart with free Patterns (or pap, or explanation). So, now, I've been sharing my experience with you!

Note he was pretty great, as I wanted to. The secret point leaves the shawl very light, and so it can be used in a manner to be shorter or longer, whatever!

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