Revenue Centerpiece Nautique Flower Crochet

Good afternoon girls! Today I have another beautiful recipe to share with you: the Centerpiece with flowers.

Last week I shared a beautiful path table and the reception was very good, so I decided to follow the same recipe in step by step today. Speaking about today's revenue, Tasse Centerpiece measures approximately 55cm x 120 and comes in green / white. I am sure this Centerpiece will look beautiful on any surface you put; his example photo shows him gracing a rack.
Step by step recipe is very well detailed, as usual. It is divided in four graphs: the first shows how to do the reasons and how to make the assembly work; the second shows how relief detail of flowers; the third shows how the barred; and the fourth shows how to contour barred. I hope you enjoy the recipe!                  
                                                                Image: Pathy Sales

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