How to do the Knit Stitch-Free Crochet pattern

How to do the Knit Stitch-Free Crochet pattern
Knitting is an activity completely relaxing and Nice, and the half point and the point Knitting yarn are the only ones used to knit any part free. Looking at one point knit upside down, you see the half point. He is the point as the point knitting gets more relief. A combination of these two points, following a particular knitted mould, is where a piece of the other differentiates

Tips for a free point
Now that you know how to do the half point and the point Knitting yarn, you can do almost any standard free.
Instead of making his second career point knitting, you can use the half point. This will create the so-called "stockinette". At that point, one side of the fabric will be smooth while the other is irregular, giving the piece a very professional finish. Many yarn sweaters are made with the careers of knitting and a half rotated at points. Thus, the piece will have the right side flat, as if it were a suit purchased. The place inside out, that gets in contact with the body, will be irregular. For an example, look at a sweater in a shop.

Practice with large needles and soft wool to make learning will be a lot easier. Once you master the process of making points, always use the needles the size indicated in the mold that's following.
The accordion is made with knitting and half points in a career. It is typically used in a hat and tabs at hem a sweater yarn. She can be of 2 x 2:00 pm any mold. Note that, in this case, the knitting point can be seen among the half-points. An accordion tighter can use the 1 x standard 1.
Knit hem a sweater with a half point and a point knitting. Then, another half point and another point knitting. Continue this pattern until you reach the desired length for the accordion.