Crochet free patterns With Plastic Bags - How To & Tips

Plastic bags are popular in Brazil, commonly used to charge purchases of supermarkets, and also present in several other businesses. However, this simple object can be harmful to nature and the environment, as it takes more than a hundred years to decompose. That's why recycling is an important action, preventing plastic bags and other materials pollute the environment and take many years to decompose. We brought a tip that teaches how to recycle bags making a well-known technique of craftsmanship, which is crochet. Check out step by step how to crochet with bags and explanatory video.

You can create several different pieces with crochet free patterns, plastic bag. To crochet, the first step is to fold the bag in half vertically. Then, fold again in the middle. Eliminate the handles cutting with scissors. Cut the bag into strips approximately 2.5 each. Discard the latter, being the bottom of the bag. Take two strips and interlace and then lace one another, gently pulling the two ends to tie the straps. Go connecting the strips in each other to form a long. After that, roll into a ball to ease the way to work. Weave plastic using the crochet technique.