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Sunshine Blanket Square

Hello readers today I will help you make a beautiful sunchune square crochet. come on ? My friend posted a video on YouTube for these weeks. And I decided to disclose her work to you.

It is beautiful to see how people have wonderful gifts, this square will look beautiful as a quilt, blanket, cushions, for our children, watching a documentary on television I saw many crocheteras are looking for models to decorate children's bedrooms and that The most sought after is the sun. In my childhood I loved drawings on the paper of the sun .. he never lacked in my pages of my diary. I think it brings us light because the daylight depends on the sun.

It was so wonderful imagine the wonderful warm blanket that will stay and to do in various colors for example: for the girl the background pink pastel or even white, for boys shades darker like blue, green. The yellow would not be cool because the sun is already yellow and maybe it would lose the difference. Agree ??

Good let's go to this wonderful stuff I hope that out of here many creations
I think it will help your imagination with all the tips that you will be looking at here. I thank you for the thank you emails, I love you

square blanket tutorial

Would the bedroom look lovely if I had learned to keep it as my mother taught me to agree? In the morning you can not leave the house without tidying up and opening the window to ventilate the room immediately the linen quilt is one of the most beautiful pieces to use over any lencol the bed is a place of tranquility and even deschool Big or small every day we use it so we have to leave it always well tidy, replacing pillows and bedspreads every week week is good to decorate the room. This ceremony appears at the beginning of daily routines elegance in the rooms of the children of all mothers. You do not like it, I particularly love you.

We know that our duty to provide information on some of these models is very important to our readers the Lace is very cool crochet square business ladies ask us every week different models to crochet, if you want can use as the cushion cover as well In the photos, we want to remind you that you do not have to make a cover with crochet can use others. Patterns like knitting may be easier for you, we think. Or you can buy those explanatory magazines. But I do not worry here we have a video explaining step by step, the video is in the language in Portuguese but through the configuration of youtube you can put language in any language just go in the configuration icon. I hope you have enjoyed this material will help a lot in the daily incomes ... and also to give your family.
come on ???

solid granny square patterns

One of the things I like to do in croche is the old and good squares, or squares, that we go along to create wonderful pieces, that can be blankets, coats, cushions and whatever else the imagination commands. With a basic square we can play with colors and create unique designs, even if the motifs repeat themselves.

In 2010 I suffered an accident that left me 3 months in bed, I was bitter with life and I did not want to do anything anymore, I depended on help for everything, I broke 3 bones of the foot in a motorcycle accident, I almost go to heaven .. but God was merciful and gave me one more chance.
I did not believe what had happened to me. I was always very active. I always worked. I took care of my mother and my son. When I found myself in this situation, I thought I had no choice but to close my eyes day and night and not live. more.

:( too sad

My very worried mother always prayed for me to get out of this and understand that everything was God's mercy it was difficult to understand.
One day I was watching television on a nice channel I saw a woman crocheting a wheelchair ... I thought ours !!! Will I get it ??
 Because I could not walk either, but my hands were good.
It was then that I asked my mother to buy the materials nor did my mother believe and run and she brought me everything I needed, I started with youtube videos from beginner to professional.
I started to fall in love and to spend my time lying down crocheting and creating and one of the pieces of croche I learned was the solid granny square I found it kind of complicated in the beginning but later I got used to doing it and today I will be already standing and I have my own atelie .

 Crochet took the pain out of solidao and most importantly taught me to see things different even if they are difficult .. look at these wonderful.

Granny Square on Spanish

An interesting variant of "grandmother's square" looks very different than the original version of the motif. Under the video you will find the options for color reasons related decisions in this way.
 All lessons on knitting crochet patterns can be found in the category LAUNCHED in Spain by the noble princesses is being the fever all over the world, you can make several wonderful pieces because this esilo is very exotic, we can see how the colors radiate the whole stretch of the square, you unite as leave alone.
Can be used on pillows too, bedspreads, on top of benches, pillow cases, pan handle, and more. We know that it will not be difficult because this is a point for those who already know the basics of crochet. But through the videos that you will find here in this matter, it will be very easy to complete your beautiful project.
Grandma's squares will always be well-seen in the crochet world, even though it's easy to complete large blankets, or small ones for babies. I searched for our friends and readers the best models and possible colors that exists in the world despite having found in Russia videos by youtube can be configured in legend in any language just go to setup the side below the video on youtube and click on caption You choose which language you would like from the legend.
 ( simple )
 Some readers are already sending me the emails in thanks with several completed photos one more beautiful than the other. I hope to help everyone in every country. Thank you my friends, my readers, I will always be here bringing the news And what is most beautiful in crochet and tric. Now let's go to the projects..

Crochet squares free patterns Denna

Here you will be able to learn how to make a square of crochet and as it used to make a quilt simply and quickly. It is a method that most beginners can learn quickly, since the technique is the same for all parts of the quilt. Using the crochet squares, you can make a quilt without having to hold the weight of all the work during the manufacturing process. You make the squares individually and then stitch them together.
Once you have chosen the colors, you should choose the best material for your work. If you are going to make a baby blanket use the softest line you find. If you are going to make something sturdier, like a blanket for the dog's bed, use acrylic line. These are just tips ..
  I am so excited about this project that I decided to share with you some of the images that I have tried for my readers, Square Denna. Who knows, the photos can not excite you too? I think deep down this is always my hope, hehe. Well, it's been weeks since I've been looking for different squares like you asked me to.
 " It all started when I thought I needed a new look at crochet squares. Since I'm in a total retro phase, there's nothing better than crochet pillow cases, typical of the 1970s, just like Grandma had. The idea came quite a bit that I was with a box filled with leftover skeins of wool from past projects (those transparent plastic containers from Sanremo ...
 I bet many of you have too). I separated the most beautiful colors. I had so much wool and so many colors that I could make two squares, one with cold colors and the other with warm colors. In my opniao the squares are the ones of crocheteras .. I hope you like this matter.

Crochet baby dress pattern free easy

The piece of handmade clothing always has a special value, even more if made of crochet or knit. This art that was once much practiced by the grandmothers nowadays is present in fashionable trendy clothing pieces and me all the best magazines, full of charm delicacy, sweetness and elegance.
 For a long time this craft was related to old things, but lately it has gained a special space in the collections of great designers because it is something that is created with the hands everything is so wonderful that when in the women we go out in search of something the stores do not sell the Which we see through crocheteras.

In this rereading of this manual work, the pieces can be whole crochet, coordinated with fabrics and also finished by accessories, like increased belts. Although the initial image of the crochet refers to the tendencies of the grandmother today to many models and finishes made by hand as well.

Crochet dresses can offer many possibilities because of their versatility, allowing them to be tailored for different occasions from day to day to a formal event. For you our readers here is one of the most preferred models of 2017.
A crochet piece can work for both laid-back and laid-out birthdays. Everything for babies gets smoother with crochet. Dresses can be combined with shoes such as slippers, sandals, socks, whatever you think matches your mother's taste.

The fashion consultant indicates that the models with more open stitches create the leaked effect and make the clothes more comfortable and beautiful to see. So in situations this point is one of the most beautiful we have ever seen .. my grandfather said: one day you will still love croche as I love. I did not understand at first but today I'm in love with this art. Follow the step by step videos and pictures for you .. enjoy.

Granny stripe crochet blanket

Hello readers today I come to bring you this wonderful blanket, as we know it is one of the most sought after crocheteras, not even when it is hot or cold they are essences, because the comfort of these crochet blankets are very favorable in any season.

There are several models and suggestions, different colors and details, the most varied points that can be created beautiful works, the placement of beautiful appliques in flowers, bows, satin ribbons, embroidery and lace can also be created as if it were for babies, mothers Usually like colorful blankets.

There are creative formats that can be made in various models like shawls, scarves, passionate ideas for you to do for you and your family or even to sell as a form of extra income, as well as to give someone.

Who is a mother knows how much is necessary to the blankets and creative shawls, in a baby layette, from birth to a certain age the child should feel protected, as well as adults who also need to warm us up and stay stylish for a Night or even an event during the day.

This blanket will leave you and your creativity favorable ... choose a cozy place, and calm and let the ideas flow hope you approve this idea ...
And that is something that completes your projects, as well as all the readers of this site and visitors are welcome. Here is how mother's heart always fits one more ..
We can not forget, that all croches have that time of patience because it is not for anyone the gift of crochet, many want more love, and to do need to love, having the gift is not enough because love and gift go hand in hand On the other hand, I have many readers who have been cured of cancer of disease depression by the fact of being impelled, and want to change to want to return to live and for that reason we are here to help you my friends in every detail that you need. Because we love you and we care .. thank you for every email that comes to thank us. We are thankful for you, by freepatterns


crochet cupacakes

Who doesn't love a cupcake to brighten the day.. hard to be not agree? Imagine bringing these delights for our line of work or hobby, many of our readers have asked us this type of crochet because it would be a wonderful gift as decoration of rooms, kitchens, living rooms and even especially anniversaries parties.
I always liked the art of crochet, but never as a main activity, in fact the crochet has always been my hobby. And you know how the world (round!), goes around and around and the day came when I had to choose one of the many things that I used to be my main activity as work because I couldn't see as a way to make up an extrato help at home. I chose the crochet and I was very happy. And that's why I'm so fond of these cupcakes, they scored all around the crochet. Of course, I wasn't the first to make them,

The cupcake is so sweet, and despite the amount of detail, isn't it time consuming to do it. Furthermore, it doesn't take any sewing, for whom love is a lot of fun doing the Pan and the cake stay together during execution. I've seen many of these cupcakes for every occasion, including Christmas, at the tables of the relatives in 
A great request for these hot summer days is to crochet small objects, The super creative idea is of the artisan Vera Lucia Magnoni who says that she creates her products through internet searches on sites around the world, but the favorites are the Americans.

In the case of cupcakes and cakes they are usually sold to be given as birthday favors. Just as I said, they are great gifts for any occasion, being creative and perfect decorations.
My friends always asked me to look for something that talked about these wonderful works and researching on the sites I saw friends, that there is a great demand for the step by step of these sweets and I decided to help my readers ..

the birthday celebrations but never had the curiosity to understand the grace that I see them well here's a little of that experience. I hope you enjoy ...